Photo Specifications

Please Note: Many small sized/low quality internet photos and/or facebook photos are not high enough resolution to create a good looking lifesize standup over 20". Please be sure to send us the highest quality photo that you have.

You can quickly and easily send us your digital photo. After ordering you will transfer your file to us so that we can start creating your standup today. You may email your photo or send your photo through the mail.

Please follow the guidelines below when selecting your photo. When sending 35mm, original professionally developed prints, are required. (The bigger the photo the better. Ex. 8"x10") 35mm disposables work the best, they have less settings to play with.

Digital Cameras must be at least 4 mega pixels & the resolution MUST be set to high or fine. Some cameras just list numbers - choose the largest one. This will give you less pictures, but better pictures.

  • Take photos close up (tight shot).
  • Do not cut off the feet or the head of the subject
  • Light backgrounds are better.
  • Make sure your images are sharp, focused, and clear

    If sending a .jpg file, size should be at least 500k or larger, and at least 150 dpi. (300 dpi preferred) We accept .jpg, .pdf, .eps (photoshop), and .bmp

    Important - You get what you give us! It all starts with the photo

    Do NOT Submit:

  • photo from a far distance
  • images that are grainy
  • ripped or scratched photos
  • photos that are faded
  • damaged and have finger prints
  • photos that are not clear or blurry

    Photos TO submit:

  • picture should be on glossy paper
  • close up picture of subject from head to toe
  • 8"x10" photo is most favorable to reproduce from
  • is a Division of ®2006